Therapists Near Me

woman searching for therapist near me online

If you have ever searched for a therapist and had little knowledge of reputable names, you probably turned to Google. And then, you most likely typed in a phrase similar to “therapists near me.” Suddenly, a long list of names with strange letters behind them, counseling practices, addresses, and maybe even pictures popped up. You immediately had a wealth of information staring you in the face, but then you had to comb through all of these names and places and try to find a therapist or practice that seemed to suit your needs.

The process of finding the right therapist to fit your individual circumstances can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. So, once you’ve googled, what is the best way to narrow down your search, and how do you nail down the perfect therapist just for you?

Finding the Right “Therapist Near Me”

Check the reviews

Word of mouth is the best way to find out the reputation of a therapist or a therapy practice. If you do not know someone personally who has had success with a therapist, then check out the google reviews for a practice or therapist. Have people had good experiences? Do they speak highly of the practice or therapist? Make sure you are about to schedule with someone that is reputable and has good rapport with their former clients.

Check into Therapists’ Specialties

Different therapists have different specialties. There are some therapists who work with almost any mental health issue, but then there are other therapists who specialize in a certain area such as eating disorders or substance abuse. If you are searching for couples counseling, you want to make sure that the counselor works with couples.

If you are looking for a therapist for your child, you will want to make sure that the counseling practice or therapist works with children. You may even be looking for a specific type of therapy, such as CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or Play Therapy, so you will want to make sure you find someone who uses that type of therapy with his or her clients.

Usually, you can find this information on a therapist’s or counseling practice’s website. When in doubt, you can always call the number listed for more information.

Check the Location

Simply googling “Therapists near me,” doesn’t always guarantee that every entry that pops up is actually that close to you. Depending on what type of town or city you live in, you may have just a few or unlimited options to choose from. Therapy is a commitment, and so you will want to make sure that you choose a practice or therapist who is in a driving distance that you are comfortable with driving to for a weekly appointment. If you want to do virtual therapy sessions, you will want to make sure that those are offered at the place you are checking into.

Find out the Price

Prices and rates vary from therapist to therapist and even from city to city. More experienced therapists will generally have higher rates. Sometimes counseling practices will even have interns who can offer sessions at a discounted rate. You will also want to find out if a certain therapist or practice accepts insurance, if you are wanting to use insurance. Many people choose not to use insurance for counseling because they are often limited in who they can see, how many sessions they can attend, and the mental health diagnosis goes into their permanent health record. Some therapists or practices offer a sliding scale, so it is always worth asking about if finances are an issue and you need to get help.

Why Waters Edge Counseling?

Clearly, there are many issues to consider and research when trying to find the best therapist for your situation. If you are in the Savannah area, we encourage you to check out Waters Edge Counseling when it comes up on your next Google search.

Our team of therapists is committed to providing our clients with high quality and consistent treatment to help them be successful in all areas of life. We accept clients of all ages, backgrounds, races, and gender. We also work with a wide variety of mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, couples counseling, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and more.

Waters Edge Counseling is proud of the fact that we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours and can typically get a new client in to see a therapist within a few days. Our new online scheduling option makes it even easier to make an appointment. We are located in convenient midtown Savannah, and we continue to consider it a privilege to serve the residents of the Savannah area.

If you are searching for “a therapist near me,” we would love to be your perfect fit. Give us a call at 912-319-5552. We are here for you!