Marriage Counseling

Just like with work or school, our relationships are something that we constantly have to strive to maintain and improve. Marriage counseling and couples counseling can be a lifesaver. Without proper maintenance, relationships can quickly begin to feel stale or like they are no longer clicking correctly. You might have felt that you and your partner aren’t on the same page and haven’t been able to communicate what you need. We all experience life changes, such as getting a new job, raising a family, or moving to a new house, that can have large impacts on our relationships.

Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling

The stress that comes with not being able to communicate well or from life changes can be difficult to handle. Seeking counseling for your relationship is not a sign of weakness or that the relationship is a failure. It’s the opposite. It’s a sign that your relationship is important to you and worth putting in the effort to improve. Our counselors are here to meet with you and your partner to discover what is working and what we can change for the better.

Couples commonly seek therapy as they begin to feel that there are problems they cannot resolve on their own. These can include things such as commitment or trust issues, infidelity, or life goal differences. As you and your partner meet with your therapist, they will help you to discuss these difficult topics in a way where both of you will feel that your opinion is being heard and respected. In session, both you and your partner will be the clients. That means you will both be working with your therapist to discuss your challenges and what you both want out of therapy and your relationship. Your therapist will create a space free of bias for you and your partner to discuss all aspects of your relationship and life together. There will be no secrets kept from one another as we want to promote honesty and openness between both partners and your therapist.

What to Expect

As with individual counseling, marriage or couples counseling challenges both you and your partner to persevere through the tough moments to better yourself and your relationship. Our therapists will help teach you simple and effective strategies that you and your partner can use at home to continue the healing and progress you will see in therapy. You and your partner will both attempt new things and find the strategies that work best to bring about communication, respect, and understanding in your own relationship. These will be the strategies that you can continue to use past your time in therapy to make sure you are continually maintaining and strengthening your relationship.

We all want our relationships to be sources compassion, understanding, and fulfillment, not a source of stress or pain. Our therapists are available to help you and your partner discern where issues may be arising while also reminding you of what is working in your relationship. You and your partner don’t have to continue feeling like you’re barely hanging on by a thread. We are here to help you find resolve today.