Christian Counseling

The world and our own country can be a daunting place for believers right now. As so many varying political, moral, and religious beliefs are being swirled through non-stop media and technology access, it is hard to find a moment of peace to even hear and process your own thoughts. You may have tried seeking advice from friends, family, coworkers, and even online only to find yourself overwhelmed and confused by what is based on God’s truth and what is based on false information. Perhaps you are trying to hear and discern God’s voice in a particular situation, but you are struggling to hear Him and receive clarity for your life. Maybe you need some help handling your anxiety, depression, or marriage struggles but you want guidance from a Christian and Biblical perspective.

At Water’s Edge Counseling, we understand that you are not only concerned with taking care of your mental health, but also possibly wanting to nurture your spiritual health. Whether you are seeking therapeutic services for anxiety, depression, relationship problems, family issues, or whatever may be causing distress in your life, it’s important to receive therapy that respects and incorporates what you believe. Various counselors at Water’s Edge Counseling are equipped and excited to provide Christian counseling for individuals, couples, and families that are seeking a Christian perspective in their counseling.

You will be able to talk to your therapist about the problems and trials you are facing in a safe and welcoming space. In your sessions, the therapy you receive will be rooted in Christian beliefs, incorporating God’s Word and a Biblical worldview into processing your problems. This means that you and your therapist will be able to explore what is going on in your life, while also exploring your beliefs and your relationship with God. The level of Christian perspective involved in your sessions will depend on your own faith journey and needs. This is something that you and your therapist will be able to discuss and monitor to make sure you are receiving the type of treatment best suited for your own life. As you set goals and work through challenges, your therapist will be there to teach you strategies and coping techniques to use outside of therapy as well. By receiving therapy so closely aligned with your spiritual beliefs, you will find it to be an easy transition to mesh what you are learning and gaining in therapy into your everyday life.

While finding a therapist who is able to support your mental and spiritual health needs is very beneficial, it does not make the road of therapy less challenging. There will still be moments of pain, confusion, and longing for peace. However you will be able to take solace in knowing that you are walking a path towards receiving help while growing in your faith. Our therapists are here to help you take those steps, through both the good and the bad days, to help you come closer to healing and a greater understanding of God’s purpose for your life. We would love to help you start on this journey towards healing and peace today.