Child Counseling and Treatment

Here at Waters Edge Counseling, we understand that mental health is important for people in every stage of life stage. This includes our children. Child counseling and treatment therapy can make a huge difference in your kid's life. While children may not be facing stress from work or raising a family, they are facing their own battles. You may have noticed your child acting out more than usual.  Or maybe he or she has been quicker to get upset or is unable to reign in his or her emotions. You may have even noticed your child struggling to focus at school or to maintain friendships. These are not signs of a “bad kid” or failed parenting; this is how our children show us they need help. 

How can our counselors help your child through counseling?

As your child faces new and unfamiliar situations, he or she may feel a loss of control over what is happening. Through play therapy, our therapists are able to let children - of all cognitive capabilities - communicate. It's important for them to express what they are thinking and feeling. Play therapy removes the emphasis placed on talking and allows your child to express and show their thoughts in a variety of ways. It also promotes an environment of safety and control over what they are experiencing. Our counselors help your child explore and actively participate in the direction of the therapy. We aim to equip children with coping skills that they case as they face current challenges and prepare for what their future may bring. Our counselors have experience with a variety of age appropriate therapy techniques for children. We will be able to provide a style of therapy that best fits your child and family. 

Do we involve the family in child counseling and treatment?

Although your child is the client in the room, we encourage family involvement. Support in multiple areas of your child’s life has been found to better reinforce the skills they are learning and practicing in therapy. That's whether in session, at home, or at school. When your family becomes involved in the therapy process, it progresses from weekly therapy to life changes for your child. In order to best promote this family involvement and increased reinforcement of coping skills, our counselors keep your child as the focus. We spend time building a relationship where your child feels safe and where he or she can trust our counselors. Once this trust is built, we will be able to provide more insightful feedback for your family’s involvement. 

Is it time to take the first step to help your child through therapy?

We know that it can be intimidating to admit you want help with your child. By taking this step towards therapy, you are already helping your child take a step towards healing and growth. Therapeutic intervention starting at a young age can have lasting positive effects, and we are here to help facilitate the first of those positive changes. Our counselors want the best for your child and family. As we see your child, we will be available to offer advice, tips, and strategies to try at home. We will also be a source of honesty and encouragement as you continue in providing the best that you can for your family. Contact us today.

Happy children eating ice cream after successful child therapy and treatment