Military Counseling

Military life is challenging and requires a great deal of sacrifice on the part of the service member and their family. Being separated from those closest to you, frequent relocations, deployments, and many other aspects of military life can cause physical, mental, and emotional stress. As this stress lasts and continues to grow, you can see its effects on not only an individual, but everything around them. You may have begun to feel that your own relationships, whether with your partner, family, or friends, has begun to suffer.  As a service member or loved one, you may be struggling internally to handle these stressors you have so bravely taken on in the process of being involved in the military. However, your commitment and service does not mean you have to be suffering. If you are struggling with family issues, trauma, relationship problems, mental health concerns, or are dealing with any other life issue and need support and guidance, Water’s Edge Counseling wants to serve you. Whether you are Active Duty, in the Reserves, National Guard, a Veteran, or a family member, we are eager to be part of your healing process. 

We recognize that within the military, seeking out therapy services is often stigmatized and viewed negatively. You may feel unsure even just looking at our website or hesitant to call us. Our staff have experience working with military personnel and their family members and are ready to discuss any concerns you have about seeking support through therapy. In sessions, you will be presented with a safe, unbiased, and confidential space to discuss whatever it is you are facing without having to worry about your treatment being shared outside of our practice. Your therapist will be able to continually check in on your feelings surrounding therapy and what you want out of your sessions. By coming to therapy, you are not showing weakness, but instead actively attempting to better yourself. 

If you have experienced trauma in combat or other areas of life, we can help you address the lingering effects of trauma, such as emotion regulation, struggling to sleep, depression, anxiety, and more that can come from your time in service. By taking the time to address and understand these symptoms, we can help you begin to restore your quality of life. We offer family therapy, couple’s therapy, and individual therapy to service members, their spouses, and their children. If you and your partner are in need of couple’s counseling, we can work with you to discover where issues are arising and what strategies work best for both of you to promote a healthy relationship. This will look differently for every couple, but may include working on communication, trust, and fidelity issues. We are also available to meet with you entire family as our therapists have experience providing family therapy and understand the benefits of involving the entire family system. 

We are passionate about serving the military families in our community. We understand that your service and what you have endured does not only have the ability to affect you, but can affect all of your relationships. We are here to help you mend and heal all aspects of your life that are important to you. We are thankful for your service and would be honored to be part of your restoration process. 


Close-up Of Male Soldier In Military Uniform Holding Wooden Cubes With PTSD Text