Counseling for Teenagers

Today’s world is a rapidly changing place for teens, and counseling for teenagers can be the answer. Their most formative years are filled with constantly growing technology and access to all types of information, opinions, and beliefs. These changes and all-access connections are things that were not faced by previous generations of teenagers. As a parent, you are watching your teenager navigate these new waters and wanting to desperately help them find their right path.

There may be moments when you are trying your best to keep their head above water. You may also feel that you are drowning in your own fears and insecurities about the teenage years. Perhaps your teenager doesn’t tell you anything or has seemingly cut the family out of his or her life.  You may feel discouraged and at a loss for how to help them and keep your family strong and together. This is where we can step in. 

Counseling for Teenagers

By meeting with one of our counselors, your teenager is able to discuss the obstacles they are facing in the world around them in a safe space. As your teenager works towards becoming more independent and understanding of their own personality and beliefs, your teen is going to face many obstacles. We help them understand their role in your family, peer group, and school. And as they possibly progress towards moving out, your teenager is facing a world of new possibilities and unknown directions. In therapy, they are able to explore their options in a safe environment that does not influence their goals and identity. 

Therapy allows them to discover their own understandings and beliefs. In this unbiased environment, we work to empower teenagers to make the changes they want in their life. Waters Edge helps with changes like setting goals, improving relationships with parents, and managing everyday stressors. 

What to Expect During Teenage Counseling

Their therapy will be a process. Just like times when your teenager may not want to tell you all the details of his/her life, it is going to take time for your teen to feel comfortable with their counselor. Your teen may not even know exactly what it is they’re struggling with, and that’s okay. We are here to help them navigate those confusing feelings and moments of unknown. We will help them make concrete goals and figure out the steps to achieve those goals. Whether it is managing anxiety or depression, handling stress from school, or repairing relationships with family and friends, we are ready to help your child. 

We encourage the involvement of your family as your adolescent attends therapy. When they receive support both in session from their therapist and from you at home, what they are learning and working on will be reinforced. We can also work to help repair communication and the relationship between you and your teenager. This may happen in a variety of ways. Once we’ve developed a strong relationship with your child, they may be willing to have you join them in session or even have us share more details about their progress with you.

We can offer the entire family communication tips to keep everyone on the same page and improve their own at-home relationships.  As your teenager begins to feel more in control of his or her emotions and the stress that daily teen life brings, your entire family will benefit as your teen becomes healthy and happy again. Call us today.