About Us

Why Waters Edge Counseling?

The name Waters Edge Counseling is significant to the work we do as Savannah counselors and therapists. Being in Savannah, Georgia, we are surrounded by water be it the ocean, rivers, streams, or marsh. When we are at the edge of water, we take the time to think about ourselves and the direction we have set for our lives. At the water's edge, we have a number of opportunities before us. Here at Waters Edge Counseling, we hope to meet you at the water's edge and invite you to new things. Let's talk a little about the way our therapists approach these counseling services.

How to get started with our Savannah counselors and therapists

First, Waters Edge Counseling is a place to rest. Water represents peace and quietness. As one looks at the ocean or other body of water, they can release their concerns. One can begin to understand there is something larger than oneself. At the water's edge, we breath and let go. As Savannah counselors and therapists, we are dedicated to helping you along this journey.

What will my journey with therapy look like?

Yet, the edge can be a place of mixed emotions. On one hand, the edge is a place of excitement, when the adrenaline is pumping and you are on the verge of something new. But, the edge can produce emotions of fear and anxiety. The water's edge is where we stand before we take a risk and jump head first into something new.

At Waters Edge Counseling, our counselors offer a place to discuss these experiences. Counseling is an invitation to come to the edge, so we will ask you to first rest a bit. Then, we will listen to your life experiences and guide you towards your dreams. Next we will take the journey together, as you may start to feel the urge to jump full force into something new. You are invited to take the risks you have been wanting to take for quite some time. Allow yourself to experience a better life full of peace and renewal, but also a new life of taking risks to accomplish your dreams.

Call Waters Edge Counseling today and let's get started.

A man at the water's edge calmly contemplating the benefits of counseling and therapy

For centuries water has symbolized renewal and cleansing. Water washes away the old as we become something new. When we submerge ourselves in water, we become different. We are refreshed. At Waters Edge Counseling we offer a place to discuss these experiences. Counseling is an invitation to come to the edge.