SCAD Student Counseling

College can be a fun but challenging time in one’s life. Not only are you far from family, but you are finding your own identity and creating new relationships. The Savannah College of Art and Design is a competitive program with much to offer students. SCAD student counseling is something we are proud to offer. Unfortunately, with such a strong curriculum, students can feel overwhelmed by the coursework. Other students struggle to make a place for themselves in different social groups.

Why Waters Edge Counselors Excel at SCAD Student Counseling

Our therapists have worked with college students in all of these areas and more. It is often in college that individuals develop their first symptoms of more problematic mood disorders such as bipolar disorder or depression. It can be scary to feel these beginning warning signs and not know where to turn to for relief. We believe that we can help with these experiences.

We are passionate about SCAD students as we appreciate their excitement for their work and desire to be successful in all that they do. We believe that offer an honest and friendly approach that gives students a place where they feel comfortable and safe. We also work closely with the SCAD Counseling Center to help meet each student’s individual needs. We have written necessary accommodation letters and advised students on managing their symptoms while completing their coursework. We also work with parents if needed to help students succeed.

Common Problems: Anxiety, Bipolar, Depression, Trauma, Relationship Problems, Identity Formation, and Life Direction.

We look forward to talking more with you and making your college experience the best that it can be.