Media and Speaking

Not only do we offer counseling sessions, but we also do speaking engagements. Water's Edge Counseling is passionate about educating others about mental health concerns in a world that can be difficult to navigate. We have offer lectures at local conferences and led weekend retreats. Our counselors have spoken in schools, churches, and retreat centers. We offer a variety of topics for these events, but many people request topics such as parent education, marital communication, teenage identity, and personal healing.

In addition to speaking, our counselors have also been published in the media. Water's Edge Counseling advocates by speaking out about current mental health concerns and treatment options. In addition, Whitney Owens is working on my first book written for parents of teenagers. A list of media appearances can be seen below:



How to Cope with Fear, Sadness after the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

YouthWorker Magazine. Five Warning Signs Teenage Depression                                       

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