What is EMDR?

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This form of therapy utilizes the brain’s natural ability to heal itself and shift towards a state of mental health. Traumatic memories are stored maladaptively and therefore are not adapting to our brain’s natural healing process. In order to heal these memories, EMDR allows the right brain (where trauma is stored) to download to the left brain (where logic and problem solving live). This downloading can be achieved through eye movements or bilateral stimulation such as tapping or drawing. EMDR does not require discussing the traumatic event in detail or homework between sessions.

What to Expect from EMDR

The therapist will discuss your experiences and determine if EMDR is the appropriate fit for treatment. Before starting any processing, you and the therapist will work on grounding exercises to ensure your ability to engage in processing without activation between sessions. Processing the traumatic event will not take place in the first session. EMDR can be used alone or in combination with traditional talk therapy. Often, EMDR sessions are between 60-90 minutes in order to ensure appropriate and full processing and grounding during the allotted time. Our therapists will help you figure out what it is you’re facing and the best treatment plan specifically for you.

In counseling, you and your therapist would begin discussing your own journey with food and eating patterns. You may or may not know the cause. That’s okay. Your therapist will be there to help you come to terms with the thoughts and actions surrounding food, weight, and your body. Your sessions will serve as a safe space, free of any type of judgement. You may have already been diagnosed with a disorder or this may be your first time receiving any type of help. 

It can be very scary to try a new therapy like EMDR, especially if this is your first time in counseling.  We are here to help you.  When you take the first steps toward EMDR, we create a safe place for you to learn about your emotions and thoughts.