Coping After a Cancer Diagnosis

coping after a cancer diagnosis

Coping after a Cancer diagnosis. After receiving a cancer diagnosis, you are forever changed. The unknowns can be overwhelming, and fear of what’s to come can be crippling. This is not only an extremely difficult time for the one diagnosed, but also for their loved ones.

Coping After a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer. The word alone can cause fear amid thoughts of painful treatments and possible early death. Even though many advances have been made in cancer treatment, and despite the fact that heart disease is the actual No. 1 cause of death for adults in the United States, cancer is the diagnosis that people tend to fear the most.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a devastating blow. This is not just to cancer patients themselves but to their families. At an inherent level, it is easy to imagine how scary a cancer diagnosis must be for the patient. But many people — including the families themselves — often underestimate the emotional toll the disease can take on loved ones.

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Counseling for Those After a Cancer Diagnosis

Should you seek therapy after a cancer diagnosis? One-on-one counseling could be a good option if your feelings are keeping you from your normal activities. With your therapist, you can talk freely about your worries and concerns.

Having cancer or having a loved one with cancer is different for each person. Individual therapy gives you a chance to focus on your own feelings and concerns.*

One-on-one counseling can help you to:

  • Focus on what you are most bothered by
  • Learn ways to cope with your cancer and changes in your life
  • Deal with symptoms from your cancer and treatment
  • Figure out how to handle changes, such as end of treatment or if your cancer comes back
  • Figure out how best to deal with family issues
  • Deal with strong feelings
  • Talk about your concerns about intimacy and sexuality

A therapist may also suggest couples or family counseling. This can help a couple or family decipher the problems they are having. Learning why you or your family members act in certain ways are key to dealing with it. A therapist will work with your family to improve how they express their feelings and help resolve conflicts.

This can help the family come up with ideas about how they can better work together. Waters Edge Counseling has therapists trained in this sort of counseling who know how to help you through.

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If You Need Support During this Difficult Time

A cancer diagnosis can shake you to the core. Waters Edge would be honored to give you and your loved ones support. Our therapists have extensive experience in counseling patients with chronic illness and their loved ones. Please reach out to us today at 912.319.5552 or email us at [email protected]. We are here for you.