Why Summer is an Ideal Time for Counseling

summer is the ideal time for counseling

Let’s discuss why summer is an ideal time for counseling.

School is wrapping up, and summer is on the horizon.  For children and teens the much awaited summer break means days of no homework, staying up later, enjoying the pool, and having much less structure to their day. For many parents, the summer break means lining up things for their children to do and trying to create some sense of structure to the more laid back days and weeks.

The slower pace of the summer creates many opportunities that are not available during the busy days of the school year.  One of these opportunities is connecting your child or teen with a therapist. Waters Edge Counseling has therapists who are experienced in dealing with children and teens – we’d love to help.

summer is the ideal time for counseling

Summer is Great Time for Counseling

If you have ever wondered when a good time would be to get your child or teen some extra support for social issues, anxiety, depression, or organizational skills, the summer is the perfect time to do this for several reasons.  First off, having an ongoing therapy session scheduled each week, provides a sense of structure to the weekly routine.

Children and teens thrive off of structure and will enjoy having this consistency of support while the consistency of school is not present. Therapy sessions during the summer will also allow children and teens to process all of the emotions and situations that they have faced during the past school year.  As they process and sort through their experiences, they will also learn coping skills, which will equip them for greater success in their upcoming school year.

summer is a great time for counseling

Why is this the best time to start counseling?

Children and teens will also begin to establish a strong relationship with their therapist, so that they have a strong support network as they face those difficult situations when school starts back.  Finally, giving your child or teen a time each week to think and engage with their mind and emotions will keep their brains working and will set them up for a more successful school year.

counseling in summer for children

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These are just a few of the many benefits of utilizing the summer months to get your child or teen some extra support.  Our therapists at Water’s Edge Counseling do phenomenal work with children and teens and would love to work with your child or teen this summer.  Give us a call at 912-319-5552 or email us at info@watersedgecounseling.com to get more information or schedule your child or teen with one of our therapists.