Why Summer is the Perfect Time for Therapy

The best time for therapy is the summer time and this picture represents that.

As the days grow longer and the weather warms up, summer offers a unique opportunity to focus on personal growth and mental health. While many view summer as a time for vacations, relaxation, and fun in the sun, it can also be the ideal season to start or intensify your therapy journey. In today’s blog, we will discuss all the reasons why summer is the perfect time for therapy.

Addressing Seasonal Affective Patterns

While Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is commonly associated with winter, some people experience a summer pattern of SAD. Engaging in therapy during summer can help address these seasonal mood changes and develop strategies to cope with any emotional challenges that arise during this time.

A Natural Pause in the Year

Summer often brings a natural break from the routine. Students are out of school, and even workplaces tend to slow down a bit. This pause can provide the mental and emotional space needed to reflect and engage deeply in therapy. With fewer everyday stressors, you might find it easier to focus on your mental health and make significant progress.

Boosted Mood and Energy Levels

The increased sunlight during summer can lead to improved mood and higher energy levels due to the rise in serotonin, often referred to as the “happy hormone.” This natural boost can make it easier to engage in the therapeutic process. Feeling more energized and positive can provide the motivation needed to tackle difficult issues and embrace change.

Flexibility in Scheduling

With many people taking vacations or enjoying a more relaxed schedule, it can be easier to find time for therapy sessions. Therapists might also have more availability during the summer months, making it simpler to find appointments that fit your schedule. This flexibility can reduce the stress associated with fitting therapy into a busy life.

A person hikes with their dog along a forest path. This could represent the benefits of exercise and overcoming grief. Learn more about grief counseling in Savannah, GA by contacting a grief counselor in Savannah, GA or searching for therapists in Savannah, GA today.

Preparation for the Busy Fall Season

Using the summer months to work on personal issues can prepare you for the busier fall season. By addressing and managing stressors now, you can enter the fall with improved mental health and better coping strategies, making it easier to handle the demands of a more hectic schedule.

Enhanced Self-Reflection

Summer’s slower pace can facilitate deeper self-reflection. Whether you are lounging on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or simply enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, these moments of solitude can be perfect for contemplating your thoughts and feelings. Therapy can complement this self-reflection, providing a structured way to understand and work through your emotions.

Building Healthy Habits

Summer is an excellent time to establish healthy routines that support mental well-being. The longer days and pleasant weather can encourage physical activities, like walking, swimming, or biking, which are great for mental health. Incorporating these activities into your therapy plan can create a holistic approach to your well-being.

Start Receiving Support From Therapists in Savannah, GA

Summer presents a unique window of opportunity to focus on mental health and personal growth. A licensed therapist or counselor can provide guidance, validation, and coping strategies tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. Therapy can offer a safe space to explore your feelings, fears, and uncertainties, as well as develop practical skills for managing stress, anxiety, and depression. Our team would be honored to offer support from our Savannah, GA-based practice. You can start your therapy journey by giving us a call at 912.319.5552 or emailing us at [email protected]

Other Services Offered With Waters Edge Counseling

We understand that you may experience issues with more than one mental health concern at a time. This is why we are happy to offer support with a variety of mental health services. Our team is happy to offer support with multiple mental health services including online counseling, clinical supervision, coping after a cancer diagnosis, and SCAD student counseling. We are also happy to offer therapy for anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, teen substance abuse, and counseling for men. In addition, we also offer counseling for teens, child counseling, family counseling, Christian counseling, grief counseling, and marriage counseling.

Please note: While this blog is designed to help people achieve their goals, the information within each post is not a substitute for therapy or medical advice given by a licensed professional.