Sobriety and Summer Celebrations

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Staying Sober and Avoiding Triggers

Summer is a season filled with vibrant celebrations, outdoor gatherings, and social events. While it’s a time of joy and relaxation, it can also present challenges for individuals in recovery who are working towards sobriety or those that wish to redefine their relationship with alcohol. Navigating summer celebrations while staying sober requires preparation, mindfulness, and a support network. In this blog post, we will explore strategies for both on the spot coping as well as general guidance to help you stay sober and avoid triggers during summer celebrations, allowing you to fully enjoy the rest of the season while maintaining your sober journey.

Even though the 4th of July is over for 2023, every weekend during the summer can seem like an endless triad of social gatherings. From barbecues and cookouts to your best friend’s engagement party, there is never a dull moment. However, your sobriety and well-being should always come first. Make a conscious decision to prioritize your recovery during summer celebrations. Recognize that you have the power to choose sobriety and commit to taking care of yourself. Whether your desire for sobriety is new or a long standing mantra, your relationship will be defined by you. This mindset will empower you to make informed decisions and navigate social situations confidently. 

Now let’s dive into ways to successfully maintain your greatest priority: sobriety.

Plan Ahead and Prepare

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Before attending any summer celebration, it’s important to plan ahead and be prepared. Have a clear understanding of the event’s environment and whether alcohol will be present. If possible, inform the host or a trusted friend about your commitment to sobriety, so they can provide support and help create a safe and alcohol-free space. If you feel uncomfortable attending an event, it’s okay to decline the invitation and prioritize your well-being.

Bring a Sober Support Buddy

Consider inviting a sober friend or family member to accompany you to summer celebrations. Having someone who understands your journey and supports your sobriety can provide a sense of security and companionship. Your sober support buddy can help you navigate triggering situations and serve as a source of encouragement and accountability.

Have a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Plan

One of the challenges during summer celebrations is the prevalence of alcoholic beverages. For many of us, alcohol is deeply rooted in belonging. To avoid feeling left out or pressured, have a non-alcoholic beverage plan in place. Bring your favorite non-alcoholic drinks or offer to bring a fun mocktail or refreshing drink for yourself and others to enjoy. By having an appealing alternative, you can still participate in toasts and enjoy socializing without compromising your sobriety.

Defining Your Urges and Engaging in Sober Activities

This could represent a positive physical outlet to drinking during the summer. Learn skills to stay sober in Savannah, GA. Learn more by searching for a counselor near me to learn more about Savannah counseling today.

According to best-selling author Rachel Hart, when we look at why we have the urge to drink alcohol at certain times, we begin to understand what our brains need. Let’s say you always want a drink after work. You’ve had a long day and you like to unwind with a drink. Looking at why that’s how you unwind is very important to changing the behavior. Perhaps this action of pouring a drink is how you create a boundary between you and work. Once you’ve poured that drink, you are no longer on the clock.

By looking for sober activities, like joining a community tennis league or going for a run. You can rewire your brain to create a new boundary between you and work. One that also helps you unwind while also honoring your desire to stay sober.

Therefore, look for sober activities and events happening in your community during the summer. Attend support group meetings, join outdoor fitness classes, participate in sober gatherings, or organize your own sober get-togethers. Engaging in activities that align with your sobriety goals will help you build a strong support network and create meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

Taking care of yourself is vital for staying sober during summer celebrations. Practice self-care activities that promote relaxation and reduce stress. This may include meditation, yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature. Engage in activities that bring you joy and boost your well-being. Additionally, practicing mindfulness can help you stay present in the moment and make conscious decisions that align with your sobriety.

Learn more skills to maintain sobriety.

5 Tips For Coping With Cravings On the Spot

If you’ve come this far in our article you maybe saying to yourself, “This is great. You’ve told me a ton of great stuff about how to plan for cravings but what can I do in the moment to deal with them?”

Our addiction specialist, Hunter Bickers M Ed , LAPC, CMAC, has 5 amazing tips for coping with cravings on the spot.

Sobriety Tip 1

Playing the tape all the way through- if you’re not wanting to drink it’s because you’ve likely had a bad experience with alcohol. The brain will likely only remember the good times. So you need to stop yourself before you start. And rewind to why you want to stop drinking in the first place.

Sobriety Tip 2

Take inventory of your goals: Remember the positive things you are hoping to achieve while sober. Those plans may not happen if you are distracted and unfocused.

Sobriety Tip 3

Open your mouth: Tell your accountability partner, friend or family member. According to Hunter, “If you can mention it you can manage it.”

Sobriety Tip 4

Healthy distraction: Cravings are going to happen even if you are you doing everything right. A craving is like a seed, you can’t just sit around and not think about it. While it’s important to verbalize it to someone close to you. It’s just as helpful to distract yourself by talking to someone about anything. This is good for times when you don’t feel comfortable opening up about your sobriety. The point is to change your focus. Chat about sports, fashion, anything to redirect your mind. Hunter says, “if you recognize what it is and take action, it will pass.”

Sobriety Tip 5

If all else fails, you can always count. 100-7 is what? How about 93-7? And so on. This takes you out of your emotional state and into your analytical.

Seek Support and Stay Connected

Maintaining a strong support system is crucial during summer celebrations. Reach out to your sponsor, counselor, or attend support group meetings regularly. Connect with others who understand your journey and can offer guidance and encouragement. If you anticipate challenging situations, schedule check-ins with your support network before and after events to process your emotions and seek guidance.

In conclusion, summer celebrations can be enjoyable and fulfilling, even while maintaining sobriety. By prioritizing your well-being, planning ahead, bringing a sober support buddy, having a non-alcoholic beverage plan, engaging in sober activities, practicing self-care and mindfulness, and staying connected to your support network, you can navigate summer celebrations successfully and confidently. Remember, your sobriety is a remarkable achievement, and you have the strength and resilience to enjoy the summer season while staying sober.

Start Receiving Support From Therapists in Savannah, GA

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