Being at the Water’s Edge

I love the breeze and ocean smells as I jog along the coastline. Though the run can be more challenging with sand and wind, it is a joy to be in nature rather than running on the streets. At the beach I feel connected to something greater than myself. It is a time to reflect and gain insight.

Last week as I ran I along the shoreline, I paid attention to the water as it flowed over the sand and rushed back. It was at that moment I considered what it is like to be at the “water’s edge.” As I was literally running along the water’s edge, I contemplated my experience in this place, both physically and figuratively. When I stop and admire the ocean, I find peace and beauty. While at the same time, I feel drawn towards the water. I want to experience the refreshment and excitement of the waves crashing around me. Yet, I find the water to be both dangerous and challenging. I must remain above the waves, not be dragged off to sea. I need to be strong when the waves break in front of me. It is an adventure each time a new wave comes my way.

In the same way, life is one adventure after another. We run into each moments with excitement. However, we also find ourselves scared of the challenges in front of us. At times we are tired and want to stop swimming. But if we do that, the waves will take us away. We must stand strong. Instead of focusing on the fear behind each wave, we must remember the refreshment and joy that comes as we jump into the waves.

This is why we are called Water’s Edge Counseling. Through counseling, we ask you to step into the water, get your toes wet, and when ready, jump into the waves. It is in these moments that we truly experience life. Just like going in the water, counseling may seem like a risk, but it is well worth it. Have fun and enjoy the waves.

Whitney Owens, LPC, MA