Burn the Boats!

Do you ever turn back to old habits and ideas? Do you struggle to move forward towards your dreams and passions? I think we all can answer yes to these questions.

I recently learned of the courageous story of Hernando Cortez who led his people to conquer the Aztecs. In 1519, he sailed to the Yucatan with a small crew with plans to defeat the Aztecs and take their gold. He had a much smaller army compared to the large Aztec army. Upon arrival, Cortez learned of a conspiracy. Some of his men planned to board their ships and head home. To prevent this, he had all the boats destroyed! The men thought he was crazy and inquired as to how they would return home. Cortez said they would return on the Aztec ships. At that point, his men knew it was either victory or death. Though greatly outnumbered, they were determined and defeated the Aztecs.

This story relates to us today. We must “burn our ships” if we want personal success. When life becomes difficult, we are weak and retreat to old techniques that have now become our enemies. Or, we become afraid to face difficulty and would rather stay where we are. I want to you consider being courageous. If you want to be successful, you must put aside negative thoughts and behaviors. You need to destroy the path you once walked and never turn back.

If you want help making that step forward, please call us. Our mission is to offer clients a place to rest, risk, and be restored. We ask you to take the risk and burn your ships so that you can be restored.

Whitney Owens, LPC, MA