5 Tips to Lift Your Mood in January

Woman lifting her mood in January by facetiming friends

Did you know that January is voted one of the least favorite months by most Americans? How about 5 tips to lift your mood in January? This month is notoriously cold, often dreary, and everyone is longing for the warmer and longer days of spring and summer. This January seems particularly dreary for many of us. COVID-19 continues to plague our country, putting a damper on many of our plans and forcing us to stay home and limit our interactions with others. Others are feeling anxious and uncertain with everything surrounding the political scene and upcoming Presidential inauguration on January 20. I think it’s needless to say that emotions are high and spirits are low right now in January of 2021.

So, what can we do to lift our spirits this January? We have 5 tips to help you boost your mood as we trek on through the cold winter months.

5 Tips to Lift Your Mood in January:

Get as much daylight and Vitamin D as possible

Sunlight is the best way for our bodies to get Vitamin D, a vitamin that is vital for keeping our immune system healthy and our moods boosted. Because the days are shorter and the weather is colder, keeping many indoors, we are absorbing less sunlight and Vitamin D that in the summer months. Make it a point to get outside in the sun each day. Soaking in those UV rays will help boost your mood and immune system, which helps your body to fight off viruses like the flu and COVID-19. If you live in an area that has many rainy and dreary days, then you may even consider taking a supplemental form of Vitamin D during these gray months.

Try Something New

Branch out this January and try something new! This could be something like learning how to crochet or paint. Maybe you want to start walking twice a week or try a new recipe. Learning something new will boost your self confidence and give you something to work towards during the long, cold days of winter.

Add some color to your life

The winter months mean lots of hot tea for me, and I recently got out my red teapot and set it on my stove. I usually put it away when I am finished with it, but because it is red, I decided that I liked it sitting on my cook top. It adds a nice pop of color to my kitchen, and it makes me happy when I see it. Add a new pop of color to your house or wardrobe. Maybe you just want to put some fresh flowers in a vase on your table, to remind you that beauty still exists in the midst of the barren winter world. Find a way to add a pop of color to your life. It will bring a smile to your face.

Stay Active

Many people struggle with the January blues because they’re feeling bad about the 5 pounds they gained from the holidays or their lack of physical activity due to the weather. Staying active, whether that’s running, walking, going to the gym, or parking in a far parking spot to give you more steps in your day, will help boost your mood. Get creative in your ways of staying active this winter. Join an online workout community, such as Barre3 or Beachbody. Do 10 jumping jacks and 10 pushups during each commercial break as you watch TV. Whatever you can do to stay active, you should do it. Physical activity releases endorphins in your body that boost your mood and improve your mental health.

Stay Connected

We are often tempted to withdraw from our support system when we start battling the blues. This is actually the worst thing you can do if you’re struggling with feeling down. Check in with your friends or family members regularly. Have a Zoom Girl’s Night Out, or meet up outside at your neighbor’s fire pit. Stay connected to the encouraging people in your life. This will bring you stability and joy as you endure the rest of the winter.

If the winter blues are getting to you this January, we encourage you to reach out to our therapists at Waters Edge Counseling. We all need a support system, and we would love to be part of yours. If you are struggling, we are here to help! We would love to walk with you through your difficult times. Give us a call at 912-319-5552 or Schedule Online HERE.  We hope to hear from you soon!