When you are Stuck, Get Up

Everytime my 3-year-old says a word, it is like a party at my house. You will find my oldest daughter and me doing a dance, screaming, and giving high-fives to my youngest one. The reason being that she is speech delayed. She works hard to get words out. Though she does not say much, she understands much. In fact, she teaches me everyday how to be a better mother and person.

Just yesterday, I was sharing with a friend the words that she spoke last week. As I spoke the words out loud, I realized that maybe my daughter is trying to send a message not only to me but to all of us. She has consistently been saying the word “stuck” while reading her favorite book The Little Blue Truck. In the story, the dump truck is stuck in the mud. Trying to be helpful, the little blue truck tries to push the dump truck out of the mud, but actually ends up making things worse by also getting stuck in the mud. In the end, the animal friends come to help and both trucks are set free.

Her other words used this past week are “get up.” This was after my daughter had been sitting a while and I said, “get up” and she repeated it. When I used these new words together, I found myself gaining a lesson from my daughter.

In life, we often feel “stuck”. Just a few weeks ago, I called a friend cause I felt stuck in an area of my life. And like the little blue truck, we find ourselves down in the mud and unable to get out. Yet, he was surrounded by a community that helped him “get up.” He was not stuck forever, and through the help of others and his hard work, the truck was set free.

I hope that you are able to take these words from my daughter and apply them to your life. When you find yourself “stuck”, that is when you need to “get up” and do something about your predicament. This could be calling a friend, doing something fun, or taking time to rest. If you still find yourself stuck after trying to get up on your own, then give us a call. We make it our life’s work to help people get unstuck and stand up.