Woman Diagnosed with Autism Becomes Lawyer in Florida

At the age of 3, Haley Moss of Florida with diagnosed with Autism. She was nonverbal and struggled to connect with others socially. Doctors said she would be lucky to find friends and a job as an adult. Haley did not let her diagnosis or the stigma of it hold her back. She proved to the world that those with Autism can follow their dreams and be successful.

Earlier this year Haley was sworn in as the first lawyer diagnosed with Autism in the state of Florida. One wonders how she was able to complete such a task. Research continues to prove one of the most important factors in client success with autism is early intervention, as was the case with Haley. Because she was nonverbal at the age of 3, her parents took her to the doctor, and she received her diagnosis. Immediately, Haley began speech and occupational therapy and was speaking by the age of 4. Haley continued to use the tools given to her at a young age to understand herself and the world around her. This allowed her to be successful.

Savannah is jumping in on the latest news and counseling methods to help children and adults with autism. I am finding more and more clinical practices meeting these unique needs. In addition, the Autism Summit is being held this week in our city!

I want to encourage you to talk about Autism and learn more about not just the limitations, but also the unique giftedness of these individuals. For families with a loved one who is diagnosed, do not let time pass without intervention. The more treatment given, the more successful one will become. There are numerous resources available in our city.

Water’s Edge Counseling therapist Emily Hawkins, LCSW, understands Autism in a personal and clinical way. She is passion able helping children, teens, college students, and adults diagnosed with Autism. She helps these individuals understand their diagnosis and set goals to accomplish their dreams. Emily also educates and empowers families to help their loved ones. Do not delay in intervention, find help today.

Read Haley’s story in the New York Post here.