Children and Adolescents

In today’s world children may find themselves in unfamiliar and harsh situations making them feel afraid and unable to cope. Therefore, it is our desire to equip each child with a variety of problem solving techniques while maintaining the understanding that each child is unique with many facets to their learning. We embrace their uniqueness and attempt to meet their own specific needs despite their difficult circumstances. We recognize that the developmental stages influence a child’s behavior and their ability to verbalize their emotions and difficult situations.

The family support system is a vital factor in achieving the desired results and the resolution of many emotional and behavioral concerns. Integration of the family dynamic while addressing the child’s developmental level will help them achieve their full potential throughout the therapy process. We incorporate play therapy which allows the child to better communicate their various stressors. Our resolution, is to see each child become healthy, happy, and whole mentally and emotionally so they can enjoy the world they live in.

As well, being a teenager is also more difficult than ever. Adolescents have many challenges such as school, family, and friends. The teenagers years are an important time when one discovers the self. Teens are defining their goals and identity in the world. This brings with it a world of emotions in searching through these issues.

As a parent, it can be difficult to understand the struggles of our loved ones. Counseling offers teens a place to discuss their challenges in an unbiased atmosphere. We can help to bridge the gap between teens and their parents. We facility healthy communication within the family unit. Counseling gives hope to families learning to understand their teenagers.

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