How to Ignite Your Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose

How can you ignite your sense of purpose? One of the symptoms that people suffering from depression express is lacking a sense of purpose. Life can become monotonous and feel like you are just going through the motions. Especially these days when we are in the middle of COVID-19 and feeling out of sorts with ourselves, our peers and our environment – this can be especially difficult. Waters Edge Counseling is here to help.

How to Ignite Your Sense of Purpose.

This is not an easy task. During times of feeling down or even clinical depression, finding your sense of purpose can be hard. The therapists at Waters Edge Counseling have some tips to help.

Gain a Sense of Achievement

Providing a short term boost can be very helpful for those who are driven by a sense of achievement. If you are feeling low, make short term and long term goals. Setting goals within the SMART method can really help. This can help you feel  driven. Make sure they are goals YOU want to achieve as this will motivate you more and give you a sense of ownership.

What are SMART Goals?

This SMART acronym gives a clear guide to setting goals that you can accomplish. Here is the breakdown of the SMART goal model:

S – Set goals that are SPECIFIC.

M – Focus on things that are MEASURABLE.

A – Be sure to make your goals ACHIEVABLE.

R – Honesty with yourself is key. Make your goals REALISTIC.

T – Give yourself deadlines that are TIMELY.

More Tips to Inspire Sense of Purpose

Connect with others. Staying connected helps us to feel part of a community and play a role in other people’s lives. Find creative ways to stay connected and remain safe during COVID. Giving of your time, money, resources can also help you make a difference in other’s lives and give you a different perspective.

Do something that makes you happy! Explore your interests and discover what you love to do. This will help break the monotony of life. Try a new hobby or something you have always wanted to try.

What if You Are Still Struggling?

Our team of therapists are adept at handling mental struggles ranging from anxiety to depression to PTSD, children and teen’s counseling, couples counseling and more. If you feel like you need extra support, please contact us. Waters Edge is here to help. We have an easy online scheduling feature, and you can always call us at 912.319.5552. We hope to hear from you soon.