10 Date Night Ideas During COVID-19

It wasn’t too long ago that date nights with our spouse or partner looked like drinks and dinner downtown, concerts, and sporting events. It wasn’t too long ago that we got in the car and fought with our partner over which restaurant to go to. Not too long ago, we were planning weekend getaways to our favorite cities to rest and recharge and connect with our significant other. Many of the date night ideas that we’ve been accustomed to have been taken away during this time of social distancing. With many restaurants and venues still closed, couples are challenged with finding creative ways to connect and have fun together. Making time for one another to have fun and communicate is a critical part of relationships. Our couples therapists at Water’s Edge Counseling have put together some ideas to help you and your spouse or partner keep those date nights going during this time of social distancing. We’ve provided links in the tips where appropriate – have fun planning!

  1. Take a romantic evening beach walk at Tybee – Pick up some food and head down to Tybee for a picnic and a walk on the beach at sunset. This is a beautiful time to be down on the beach, and the crowds have usually subsided by the evening time. Taking in the beautiful views and walking along the shore is a wonderful way to have a romantic evening together.
  2. Cook a new recipe together – Find a new recipe that sounds good to both of you and cook it together. For those couples with kids, this may mean giving your kids hot dogs at 5:30 and getting them in bed early so you and your spouse can channel your inner Rachel Ray and Bobby Flay. Trying something new together is always a fun way to connect with your spouse.
  3. Have a Game Night – Game Night is an easy social distancing date idea. Each partner can pick out a favorite game for the evening. Grab your favorite drink, and spend the evening having fun and getting competitive with your partner.
  4. Drive in Movie in JesupThe Drive In Movie Theater in Jesup, GA is a great date night idea. Enjoy a movie under the stars from the comfort of your own car. Bring your favorite snacks and enjoy watching a movie without the crowds.
  5. Have a Dance Party – Turn up your favorite music and have a dance party. You could even watch some YouTube videos to learn some new dance moves and then practice them together. This will certainly have you and your partner laughing and connecting in no time.
  6. Have a virtual double date with another couple. Set up a Zoom meeting with your favorite couple. It’s not as great as being together in person, but it’s a fun way to “double date,” social distancing style. Click here to learn more.
  7. Exercise Together – Take a walk, bike ride, or jog around your neighborhood. You could even do a workout video indoors together. Exercising together is often a great time to have conversations with your partner or spouse. You will also get endorphins flowing in your body, which leads to improved mood and emotional state.
  8. Make Art Together – Get some paints or colored pencils and take turns painting or sketching a portrait of your spouse or partner. If you’re artistically challenged like me, this date night idea will definitely bring about some laughs! Click here for some ideas.
  9. Make a Scavenger Hunt – Send your spouse on a scavenger hunt through your house, yard, or neighborhood. Have him or her take pictures, collect objects, or find clues. There are many different scavenger hunt ideas here.
  10. Picnic in the Park – Make a picnic dinner or pick up dinner from your favorite restaurant and have a picnic in Forsyth Park. Afterwards, take a stroll through downtown Savannah and enjoy the beauty of our historic city.

Making time for your significant other is important. The therapists at Water’s Edge Counseling encourage couples to make time together a priority. If your relationship is struggling, our counselors are here for you. They are passionate about helping couples work through their issues and repair and restore their relationships. If we can help you, please give us a call at 912-319-5552. We are here for you!