Benefits of Group Therapy

When you hear the term “Group Therapy,” what images come to mind? I’m sure we all have preconceived ideas of what a Group Therapy session is. Perhaps you imagine a group of strangers sitting in a circle spilling their guts out, passing around kleenex, and patting each other on the back. Maybe the term conjures up feelings of fear about being vulnerable in front of a group of strangers. Perhaps you’ve always wondered what Group Therapy really is or if it’s effective or if it’s for someone like you.

The term “Group Therapy” refers to a type of therapy that involves one or two therapists working with several people at the same time. Usually these people have similar issues or goals that they are working on. There are many wonderful benefits to Group Therapy. First and foremost, Group Therapy offers a sense of community to the individuals within the group. The phrase, “There is safety in numbers,” perfectly applies to Group Therapy because these group sessions provide a place for its members to feel “safe.” The group becomes a “safe space” for individuals to express their problems, fears, and goals. Group members quickly feel supported and cared for because they realize that they are not alone in the feelings, emotions, and hardships that they are experiencing. They are able to make strong connections with other people who are like them and who understand them.

Another benefit to Group Therapy is the education that the members receive. Therapy groups are typically focused on a particular issue or problem, and the members get to receive specific instruction and training regarding the issues and problems that are unique to them. The therapists leading the group will bring in expert training, facts, and tips specific to the focus issue. This education and training gives group members a sense of empowerment as they are able to learn more about themselves, the workings of their brains, and become more in tune with their emotions.

Group Therapy also allows it members to have a space to play out different solutions to the common problems they experience. Group members can brainstorm solutions to their unique problems and receive feedback from others in the group as well as from the therapists conducting the group. The group becomes a creative outlet where members are free to problem solve, think, and dream big.

For individuals who have time and financial constraints, Group Therapy is also an excellent option. Group Therapy is typically less expensive than Individual Therapy as therapists are able to work with several clients at once. These groups are also usually held for a specific length of time, perhaps 6-8 weeks, giving group members a specific time period in which to work on their goals. For individuals who have limited time, knowing there is set start date and end date to the group brings relief in understanding the therapy will not continue on for months and months.

Here are Water’s Edge Counseling, we enjoy offering different Group Therapy groups throughout the year. If you or someone you know would benefit from the education and community that Group Therapy provides, give us a call at 912-319-5552. We would love to share more with you about our specific Group Therapy sessions and help you determine if Group Therapy would be a good fit for you.