Setting Up An Appointment – What to Expect

The world is made up of many different types of people. Some people love to try new experiences and take risks. For other people, doing something new can be scary and intimidating. Many people even become paralyzed by fear or anxiety when they have to take a step forward into uncharted territory. At Water’s Edge Counseling, we realize that many people are nervous when they call our office for the first time. Many of our clients are reaching out for help and support for the first time ever, and we want to make the process of calling to set up an initial appointment easy and comfortable for our clients.

Research actually shows that when people take the step to reach out for help, they will experience some immediate relief in their emotional state. Just knowing that help is coming provides people with a sense of hope in the midst of difficult times. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to set up a counseling appointment, or if you have been hesitant to call because of the fear of the unknown, watch this video about what you can expect and let your mind be put at ease.