At Water’s Edge Counseling we offer a place to rest and be renewed. We are a safe haven from the difficulties that come from the life around us. Located at the intersection of 37th and Bull Street, we aim to be a retreat from the business and stress of life and be easily accessible to you.

You maybe wondering why the name Water’s Edge Counseling. We believe water represents peace and renewal. As one looks at the ocean or other body of water, one can let go of his or her own concerns and know there is something larger than oneself.

Yet, the edge can be a place of mixed emotions. On one hand, the edge is a place of excitement, when the adrenaline is pumping and you are on the verge of something new. But, the edge can produce emotions of fear and anxiety. Life is full of opportunities to leave our lives of fear and move forward.

At Water’s Edge Counseling we offer a place to discuss these experiences. Counseling is an invitation to come to the edge. When you come for counseling, we will listen to your life experiences and guide you towards your dreams. We hope you will allow yourself to experience a better life full of peace and renewal, but also a new life of taking risks to accomplish your dreams.